• Aluminum & Steel Fence

  • An aluminum fence offers several advantages over traditional wood, wrought iron, and galvanized steel fences. The primary advantage of an aluminum fence is its ability to last for decades without rotting, rusting, or fading. This type of fence is also typically less expensive to purchase and easier to install than other fences and damaged components can be replaced individually. Aluminum fences are also available in different colors and styles and can be custom designed to match the surrounding architecture or landscape. These fences are manufactured in residential, commercial, and industrial grades and generally carry a lifetime warranty.

    Aluminum fences do not rust or rot like other fencing materials and almost never need replacing. The fastening components for these fences are either rust-proof stainless steel or fiberglass. These fences are also powder coated to maintain an attractive finish throughout their lifetime. Aluminum fencing is also more easily installed on uneven or sloping ground than traditional fencing due to its adaptable design. The maintenance-free materials in an aluminum fence help to further reduce its overall cost.

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